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Location: 6875 W. Charleston Blvd.   Las Vegas, NV  Ste.6877


   Lic# 867/G62-10555

Frequently Requested Information

  • When receiving your massage you always have the choice of undressing to your comfort level. All clients are assured privacy and will be drape in all appropriate manners. 

  • ​​Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your first scheduled appointment to fill out our short questionnaire and ask any questions you may have regarding our services. 

  • ​During the massage, let me be aware of any discomfort (too hot, too cold, etc.) Also let me know if you prefer a certain pressure: light, medium or deep. Please direct any concerns to as well, I am here to help you relax and enjoy your therapeutic treatment. 

  • Pre-natal massages are only performed past the first trimester.


      .   Clients must be at least 18 years of age.


Diana D'Anna, owner of Body Artist Massage Has been in Las Vegas for over 10 years. I am a independent professional massage therapist. I work together with my clients to bring them a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with affordability. I offer an array of different modalities and treatments. I am licensed and certified in all our treatments that I offer.  ​ I am located just minutes from the strip. I offer nothing but the most qualified therapeutic massage services. I am courteous, professional and talented in my field. 



A few words about me...